what resource records appear in the new domains you created by default?


I believe the Resource Records feature can be useful when troubleshooting and diagnosing security related issues. It also has the potential to help in a situation where you are unsure of which IP addresses are in a particular domain.

The Resource Records feature appears in the new domains that appear when you create a new account. It appears to make a record of any resources in that particular domain.

I’ve been asked a lot recently about domain names with “whitelisted” IP addresses that have no names associated with them. A domain name with “whitelisted” IP addresses isn’t really whitelisted in a sense that the domain owner would be able to shut it down or disrupt the domain’s functionality.

This is true of most domain names. But IP addresses are a special case. You can register a domain with IP addresses or IP addresses that point to IP addresses. I can use my personal IP address to register a website with the world if I want.

This is one of those topics where I don’t really know the answer. It could be anything. Maybe the IP address is a security feature, maybe it’s a security feature on my own website, maybe it’s a DNS security feature, or maybe it’s just that I can use my IP address to connect to other sites. But there’s a reason why I cant use the IP address to create a website. And one has to wonder whether that’s actually something that should be encouraged or discouraged.

You cant just create a website without the IP address.

I think its actually a bad idea to create websites without the IP address. Thats what makes it easier to identify a rogue website, and its also why we cant create a new domain or IP address without the IP address. You are trusting that someone else is going to remember that it is you who created this webpage and that it is you who can use this IP address to connect to all of the other websites on the internet.

It’s a pain in the ass if you have too many resources than have too many IP addresses.If you have a website that you can’t access without the IP address, you will probably not be able to access it on your own. If you create a new domain which can be accessed by all of your IP addresses, it will be easier to access it on your own.

The reason for this is that every web page is unique, even if it’s a “subdomain of another domain”. So you can’t just “copy and paste” all of your “resource records” into your new domain because they will not be unique. You need to go back through your own domain and add them to your new domain, and they will be unique.

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