what does sociologist randall collins argue is the true function of schools?


So what’s the function of schools? How are kids taught and taught them well? The answer, in my opinion, is that schools have to make sure that kids are able to learn. Without that, learning is impossible.

There are three levels of learning. The first is that which is taught in school. The second is the knowledge that is acquired by doing things. The third is the knowledge acquired by thinking about something. So I think that the first is just kind of a mental exercise in itself. It’s not taught in school, but it’s very much on the minds of the teacher.

There are other things that are taught in school. They are, for example, how to use your hands to make things. The reason I think this is important is because many children (especially boys) don’t use their hands well when learning, which results in them having problems with math or reading. I think this is a problem for children because they are being taught to be lazy.

So as a society we expect our children to learn in the same way as we do. I know I, for example, was taught to be very lazy and depend on my teachers for all my school work. The problem is that most people are lazy and are not doing their homework, and they are therefore not learning as well as they should by doing this. If they were learning as they should, the kids will be much better off because they will be doing their homework.

According to social scientist, Randall Collins, the real purpose of schools is to make you lazy. As such, schools are not actually teaching our children to be lazy, they are making students lazy. Why? Because the people running school are not actually teaching our children, they are making people lazy. You see, the people who make public school employees lazy are not actually the people who are running the schools, but instead they are the ones making people lazy.

I can’t seem to really find the best way to express my own thoughts on this, so I won’t go into all the reasons why they’d be good to have as a parent, but here are a few of them. As a parent or teacher, I find that in order to motivate my students to complete their homework I just have to remind them that their parents are not actually doing the work.

When I was a kid, I would often take a short trip and stop at the local public school. I would ask the teacher if I could help with something, and they would then go ahead and help me with it. Thats what I remember, but it sure isn’t how it works now. Now, if I stop at the local public school and ask them if I can help with something, they will not even have the courtesy to help me.

You can see why. Some schools are run by a state-run bureaucracy, some are run by private organizations that don’t do anything but act as a front to the government. Some are run by people who actually have a job, and some are run by people who don’t have a job. So the way the teachers at these schools are compensated is incredibly transparent, and the way they are paid is incredibly absurd, but the way they are supposed to help their students is still insane.

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