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The idea of a pause button on a video is a good one because it is a way to allow viewers to pause and stop the action. The video below is a great example of this concept. It takes a video and pauses it at the appropriate time so viewers can be reminded to pay attention.

It’s kind of a neat idea because it allows you to pause and stop the flow of a video to allow your eye to get a rest. You don’t have to give people any additional information about the subject matter, just pause the video.

My first thought when I heard about this was, ‘why would you pause a video?’ But then I realized I guess I was right.

This is a neat idea though because it breaks up the flow of a video and makes it easier for viewers to stop and catch their breath. But I think a lot of viewers wont know it is happening because the video is so fast. I think the more you pause the video the more the viewer will start to get caught up in the flow of the video and start to lose track of time.

The video is a three minute long clip of Colt Vahn’s last fight before his mind is scrambled so he can’t remember who he is. I think this is a great idea, because it breaks up the flow of the video. It’s just like you would pause a video and give people time to catch their breath and figure out what’s going on.

A great example of this is The Matrix Reloaded, where they let the audience watch a few moments of the movie before the rest of the film starts, so they can figure out what is going on. Its a good idea because it gives the audience time to figure out what is going on before the main story of the movie starts.

Well, a part of the movie is the main story, and that story is not going to be the whole movie. In the first 20 minutes, it’s basically the main story, and that’s good. There’s some great action, and it’s cool to watch the main characters try to figure out whats going on. The problem is I think a part of the problem is that I just felt like I was being told to watch this video before all the main story of the movie was revealed.

The problem is if you play the video, its way too long, and its way too much of a spoiler. You can probably skip to the end anyway, but if you want everything to be clear and to be complete, you really should pause the video and go back to the beginning.

If you want to pause the video, go to the bottom of the video and hit pause on the video. You know that you can stop the video before you even see the video if you want to. It’s not like it has an alarm. Just press this area of the screen to pause the video.

Yeah, I know you can pause the video before you start it. But its not just that though. If you want everything to be clear and complete, you should pause the video and go back to the beginning.

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