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How to Explain nina smith to a Five-Year-Old


Yes, I know. I’m a writer and I have to say I’ve been known to forget my lines at times.

Not even sure what that means, but it makes me smile. It means that I haven’t been able to finish my book. One of my first drafts was about a man named Nina Smith.

I think that kind of person has the best stories. I think that’s why I’ve been known to be such a terrible writer. It’s because I think I’m too good at the art of storytelling. I guess that’s what makes me a good reader. I can read fast and I have a lot of great memories of stories I read.

I hope you’re not thinking I am a terrible writer. Because I’m not. I’m just a bad writer.

No, it’s just that I can’t read the stories I write. I don’t do it so much as read them. When I was younger I would try to learn the stories for the first time but I got caught up in the newbies and I started taking my own stories for free. Now I can’t seem to finish them. To be honest, I have a few bad stories that were never going to get published, but I enjoy them.

I can imagine a lot of people reading these posts. They are not bad any more than I am. I know some of these people. My name is Nick Zwitter, and I am an American with three kids. No one ever told me that I would get to write a lot of stories for them. I was kind of scared and I was thinking of writing a new story, but I was actually writing a new story that is not too much fun.

I was born to be a writer. As a kid, I used to read all through the night before anyone would wake up. I would lay there for hours without ever getting bored, then I would start writing and it would always get better. I would write while I was playing video games, and I learned so much about writing while I was writing.

If you find that you’re getting too involved with your characters and it’s making them more difficult to write, just go back to basics and write for a while. Write what you know. Write what is in your heart.

The main reason I like writing is because while I’m writing, I’m also looking for inspiration. The one thing that can distract me from writing is my mind. You can read it and just imagine how it is in your head. But I don’t need to write, I can just do it.

Writing is important, because it’s what I like to do, I know that I want to do, I love writing, I think that I want to do it, I love to think that I can get the best out of my writing.

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