hey man did you touch my drumset tinder


I love that phrase. The drumset tinder? It is a special tip that was invented by a guy named Eddy Davis in the late 19th century, which was a time when a drum set was really a novelty item. Back then, a drum set was the way to play a very loud, lively, and beat-driven music.

A drum set was also the way to do everything else you could do with a drum set. It was like an electric typewriter. It was made to be the way to communicate with other things too, like you can send emails, take pictures, make out like you’re on a date, or send messages to people you’re not even related to in real life. And in the case of drum sets I love, it was made to be an instrument to play in.

Since then the drum set has been relegated to the most basic of tools and is now seen as something of a toy. And yet, now you can get one for your new home, just like you can get a drum set for your new car. For us, it’s like using a drum set as a means to communicate with other things. We’re communicating with the house. When we’re out on the town we’re talking to the house. We’re talking to the town.

I think we can all agree that, in the case of drum sets, this is a pretty cool way to communicate with the house. And not just the house, but to have things that are more than just, you know, drum sets. Like this.

This is one of those things that seems to be a necessity in our new home decor. Since we live in a new home, we can’t just buy new stuff. But with all the new stuff we have in our house, there’s always a chance that we’re going to use it again. So instead of buying new stuff, we can just use what we already had. We’ve been doing this with drum sets for a while now.

I love this idea. For an instant, we use drum sets, and even better, we use them all the time. Not just during the day, but during the night, and also when we need to create our own music. We have our own little musical instrument in the house, and that’s how I want to use it.

So now we have a lot more to show you…

This is actually not one of those things people are worried about. I think there are a lot of people out there that are very picky about their drum sets. But what they really want is a set that will not break. And even if they do break, well, that’s another story in itself.

Just because we’re on autopilot doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our old music. Music is a part of our life. And even when we’re not on autopilot, we’re going to be on a bit of autopilot, which means we’re going to be doing some kind of thing to help our friends and family who are still living on autopilot.

While we are still all on autopilot, we are now on autopilot with our friends and family. And when we are on autopilot, we are not able to concentrate on anything except our next song. We have these songs that we love and we want to play them and we can’t. We have to stop and figure out what we are doing but we don’t know and we cant figure it out, because we are on autopilot.

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