fragments exercise 1 answer key


This exercise is meant to help you remember what words mean in your language. As you go through the exercise, you will find that many of the words you came up with are not very specific.

These are actually fairly common words. Many of our words come from the Latin word carpe, which means to cut. In French, carpe means “to cut” or “to slice.” But in English, we have many more words that can be cut or sliced.

In many languages words have a specific meaning. In English, you get words that mean “to do something”. In French, you get words that mean “to cut,” “to slice,” or “to cut something in half.

Fragments also come from the Latin word fragment, which means to separate.

A fragment is a piece of paper or plastic, like a small pencil. In many cases, a fragment is more than a single page, but it can contain thousands or more particles. Fragments can be made from paper, but they are rarely made from plastic. A plastic fragment could be a single piece of paper or plastic, or many more. And a piece of paper doesn’t have a lot of space around it.

Pieces of paper can be cut or shredded, but it isn’t until they become fragments that they begin to change.Fragments can also be cut or shredded in a blender or cutter. Blenders are machines that work with plastic, and are generally used to create cut-out shapes. They can also be used to cut through a sheet of paper. We call a piece of paper a “blender” because it melts plastic sheets to create a single, smooth sheet of plastic.

The amount of plastic you need to cut out is roughly the same as the number of pieces you need to cut out of a piece of paper. The amount of paper you cut out of a piece of paper is roughly equal to the number of pieces you need to cut out of a piece of paper.

To cut out a blender, you first take a piece of paper and cut out a shape like a cross. You then take a piece of plastic and cut that shape into two pieces. After you remove the pieces from the blender, you glue one of the pieces to the side of the blender. You then place the other piece on top of the first.

I had a great time doing this. It’s a fairly simple exercise that is very satisfying to do. Of course, it could be something that you do to yourself all the time, but you can find a lot of resources online that will teach you how to do this.

The main point of the puzzle is that you can find some details that you can’t do with the blender. You can search for information that doesn’t match the word you are looking for. I know this because I was doing the same thing with a big box of the new Nintendo DS game, so when I saw the link-building thingy I thought it was a weird idea.

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