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There is an increasing trend for browser makers to create projects for the website. I would love to see more of this take place. It’s a step in the right direction.

I’m interested in seeing what this can do for developers, especially as it might lead to more interesting and useful web technologies.

Browser makers that have already done it: Google, Mozilla, and Apple. There are a number of browser makers who are now starting to make projects (like our browser, Safari) for the website. Mozilla, of course, is the major example. Others include Opera and Firefox.

I was particularly intrigued by the fact that Firefox was the first browser to support writing. Safari on the other hand has always been a write-only browser. I wondered, could this project lead to more writing on the web? With the web becoming more and more about writing and creating, I think it will be a good thing.

One of our favorite projects was to write a book about a couple of great book sites. One of the sites I wrote was the Good Books on Google Books. It was written about a couple of books that I’ve written, Good Books by John McCarthy. The book was about the books that McCarthy was writing and about writing a book about a couple of great books, Good Books on Android, Good Books on Books for Kids, and Good Books on Bookworms.

The project started as a simple site that would host all the book reviews on Good Books for Kids. As time went on though, though, the project got a little more complicated. We used to be able to easily write about books on our site with just a few clicks. When it came time to publish, we needed to make the site more organized and powerful. The more complex the site, the more time and money we needed to invest in it.

While the other two projects are great, they are certainly not the “best” things. But they are a good start. The Android project is a much more complicated endeavor than the book reviews, and the Good Books for Kids project, while not too complicated, is a bit of a stretch for Good Books for Kids. The Good Books for Kids site works well for a very specific audience.

The book reviews have been around a long time. They were launched in the late ’90s by the folks behind the New York Times, and they’ve been around since the early ’80s. A lot of people have already written them, and they’ve helped guide people in a number of areas. If you want to learn about books and writers, you need to read those reviews. The browser maker project, however, is a completely new endeavor for us.

In short, we want to write for children. For a long time, we have worked with adult writers to create a bunch of books we think they could read to kids and that we think would be good for them. But this project is completely new and completely different.

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