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I am a pretty visual person, so I tend to take notes in my head when I write or when I’m typing when I can’t seem to figure out what I want or what I need to say. For example, one night I put in my phone number in my journal, and I did not know what to write in the note, so I jotted down my phone number as I was typing it.

The comma was there for a reason, and I wanted to make the point that cell phone numbers are used all the time. The truth is, there are times when it is necessary to use a comma for such things as this, but most of the time you can just write the numbers in the way you want them to be.

But using a comma for a phone number is not necessary. In fact, it is a bad idea. In this case I was sending a reminder to myself, and I do not want to do the same for someone else.

I like to be a consistent writer. I like to be consistent in my writing and I like to make sure that I am consistent with what I have written. I keep a list of things that I have written and try to make sure that I have consistent patterns for my writing. I also like to be consistent with my punctuation. If for any reason you find that you need to use a comma in your writing, that is perfectly acceptable and you are free to use a comma.

I don’t care if you use a comma or not. I am doing this for a very good reason, and I am doing it for you.

I have never written to the World’s End before, and I do not want to because I feel like this is one of the things that I am trying to learn by now. I will do it for this reason, but I also feel like I am learning it by now.

I think many people who are writing documents are confused by a comma because they think it is a punctuation symbol, but it is not. A comma is a punctuation within a word and can only be used with words. It is not an element in the sentence. An example of the comma in action is when I wrote that my name is a “comma” and my number is a “comma”.

I think many people are confused about commas when they are writing documents because they think it is something that you put in the sentence, when in actuality it is something that you insert into the sentence.

When you have a line break, you don’t need to have a comma in the middle of the line in order to break it. The only exception to this rule is when you want to end a paragraph. But when you need commas in a sentence, you need to put them in the way that makes sense.

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